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沙葛腐皮馅饼 ~ Bean Curd Skin with Yam Bean Meat Pie

食谱取自 名食谱@87


材料 A :

材料 B  :
200g 沙葛 去皮,切粒
120g 猪肉碎
150g 鱼胶

1/2小匙 砂糖
1/2小匙 麻油
1/2小匙 胡椒粉
1大匙 薯粉


2.腐皮剪成5 x 5寸,中间加入适量混合料,包起成圆形,轻轻压扁。


3.预热蒸炉,把腐皮饼排在蒸盘上,盛入蒸炉,盖上,大火蒸10 ~ 12分钟至熟透,取出,待冷却。


Recipe source : Famous Cuisine @ No.87

Bean Curd Skin with Yam Bean Meat Pie

Ingredients A :
1 piece soft bean curd skin

Ingredients B :
200g sweet turnip / yam bean ( peeled and diced )
120g minced pork
150g fish paste

Seasoning :
1/4tsp salt
1/2tsp sugar
1/2tsp sesame oil

1/2tsp pepper
1tbsp tapioca flour

Method :
1. Combine all ingredients B with seasoning , mix until sticky .

2. Cut bean curd skin into 5 x 5 inches , put some mixture on the center of the bean curd skin . Wrap well and form into round shape . Gently flatten become meat pie .

3. Arrange the meat pie in a steaming plate , steam in a pre-heated steamer with covered lid over high heat for 10 ~ 12 minutes till cooked . Remove from heat , leave to cool .

4. Heat enough oil in wok to deep-fry the meat pies until golden and crisp over high heat . Dish our and drain . Cut into pieces and serve hot .

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