Monday, 23 March 2015

椰糖椰丝糕 ( II )~ Gula Melaka Kuih Kosui ( II )

食谱取自 : Alan ( Travelling Foodies ) / Helena / Jane

椰糖 Kuih Kosui

75g 粘米粉
35g 木薯粉
130g 椰糖 (剁粹)
2大匙糖 (我用1大匙)
100ml  清水 (在做法2里还另外需要加入清水)

50g 嫩椰丝
2 香兰叶
1. 把椰糖,100g清水和香兰叶小火煮至椰糖完全溶化。把椰糖浆过滤。

2. 再加入清水至拿到500ml 的椰糖浆。

3. 把粘米粉、木薯粉、枧水加入。将全部材料搅拌均匀,过路,放入锅中稍微煮至少许浓稠状。

4. 小杯子放入蒸锅里大火蒸五分钟。把糊浆倒入预热了的后的杯子里至8分满,以小火蒸大约15分钟或至熟。取出,备用。

5.把盐加入嫩椰丝内拌匀, 放入香兰叶,大火蒸5分钟。


Recipe source : Alan ( Travelling Foodies ) / Helena / Jane

Kuih Kosui  Gula Melaka  (Kueh Ko Swee)

Ingredients :
75g rice flour
35g tapioca flour
130g gula melaka ( chopped )
2tbsp granulated sugar ( I put 1tbsp )
100ml water ( more water as needed ,see “Method 2 ”)
1tsp alkaline water (lye water)
2 - 3 pandan leaves
rinsed and tied into a knot
More water as needed (see “Method”)

Coating :
50g fresh grated coconut
2 pandan leaves 
a pinch of salt
Method :
1. Add gula melaka, granulated sugar , knotted pandan leaves and 100ml water in a pot and heat until the gula melaka has melted. Turn off heat and set aside.

2. Sieve through the gula melaka syrup in a clean container and top up with more water to yield a final volume to 500ml of diluted syrup.

3. In another bowl , add in rice flour, tapioca flour and alkaline water. Mix evenly and strain the mixture over a pot to remove any lumps.Cook flour mixture on low fire till slightly thickened.

4. Steam the small cups at high heat for 5 minutes . Pour the mixture into cups until three-quartess full . Steam on low heat for 15 minutes or until  the batter turned a dark brown and has completely set .Remove from steamer immediately  and set aside to cool .

5. While waiting for the teacups to cool down , steam the grated coconut and pandan leaves with pinch of salt for 5 mins.

6. When the kuih kosui has cooled down, remove from teacup moulds by running the sides carefully with a small knife. Serve with fresh grated coconut .

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