Monday, 23 March 2015

香蕉糯米糕 ~ Pulut Dakap / Pulut Pisang ( Glutinous Rice with Banana )

食谱取自 人生加油站


300g 糯米(浸隔夜)
150g 椰浆

6汤匙 粟米粒

6 - 7 香蕉(切半)

香蕉叶适量 (用烧水烫过)

1. 将全部材料A倒入8寸盆内,稍微搅拌均匀,蒸20分钟。

2. 将盆取出来加入粟米粒搅拌均匀。

3. 在一张香蕉叶上铺上1汤匙的糯米饭,放入半条香蕉,再铺上1汤匙糯米饭。

4. 把香蕉叶折好用绳子绑好。用大火蒸15分钟即可。

Recipe source :   Annann
Pulut Dakap / Pulut Pisang ( Glutinous Rice with Banana )

Ingredients A :
300g glutinous rice ( soaked overnight )
150g coconut milk
3tbsp sugar
1tsp salt

Ingredients B :
6tbsp sweet corn kernel

Ingredients C :
6 ~ 7 banana  ( halved )
some banana leaves ( blanch with boiling water )

Method :
1. Mix all ingredients A until well combined  and pour into 8” plate / baking tray  . Steam for 20 minutes .

2. Remove from steamer and add in sweet corn kernel .

3. To assemble pulut pisang  , spoon 1tbsp rice , top with banana and  for the last layer top with 1tbsp rice .

4. Wrap with string and steam at high heat for another 15 minutes .

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