Friday, 24 February 2017

南乳炸花肉 ~ Fried Pork Belly with Red Preserved Beancurd



材料 :
500g 五花肉 ( 去皮 )

腌料 A  :
2 南乳
1大匙 南乳汁
1大匙 蚝油
1大匙 绍兴酒
½大匙 生抽

腌料 B :
2大匙 面粉
4大匙 粟粉
1大匙 姜汁

做法 :
1. 将花肉洗净,加入腌料A拌匀腌制数小时或过夜 。然后再加入腌料B腌制30分钟

2. 起锅热油,把花肉炸至金黄色和熟透,即可捞出沥干油,斩块上桌。


Fried Pork Belly with Red Preserved Beancurd

Ingredients :
500g skinless pork belly
cooking oil for deep-frying

Marinade A :
2pcs red preserved beancurd
1tbsp red preserved beancurd juice
1tbsp oyster sauce
1tbsp Shaoxing wine
1tbsp sugar
½tbsp soy sauce
some five spice powder
sesame oil

Marinade B :
1 egg
2tbsp plain flour
4tbsp corn flour
1tbsp ginger juice
some water

Method :
1. Wash pork belly and mix well with marinade A for a few hours or overnight . Then add in marinade B and marinate for 30 minutes   .

2. Heat up oil , deep-fry the pork belly until golden brown and cooked . Drain and cut into smaller pieces and serve .