Sunday, 16 July 2017

咸鱼肉燥饭 ~ Rice with Simmered Pork & Salted Fish

食谱取自 : 处处米饭香


材料 A :
400g 热饭

材料 B :
300g 连皮五花肉 
60g 梅香咸鱼肉(炸香)
4条 指天椒 (拍扁)
3朵 香菇 ( 清水泡软,切丝 )
1大匙 小葱末
1大匙 姜末
2大匙 食油
1大匙 绍兴酒
500ml 清水

调味料 :
1大匙 蚝油
1/2大匙 酱油
1/2大匙 黑酱油
1小匙 砂糖
1/2小匙 胡椒粉
1/2小匙 麻油

做法 :
1. 将五花肉放入沸水里大火煮15分钟,取出沥干水分后,切成细条。

2. 锅里烧热食油,慢火爆香姜末和葱末,加入花肉,香菇和调味料翻炒片刻至香浓。

3. 注入清水同煮沸,改用慢火焖至花肉软化,加入咸鱼和指天椒拌匀,煮至收汁,撒入绍兴酒拌匀。

4. 把适量花肉放入碗中,并加入热饭,轻轻压紧,倒扣上碟,撒上青葱,即可上桌 。

Recipe source : Taste of Rice

Rice with Simmered Pork and Salted Fish

Ingredients A :
400g hot rice
some chopped spring onion

Ingredients B :
300g pork belly with skin
60g " Moi Heong " salted fish ( deep-fry )
4 bird eye chilies ( flatten ) 
3 nos dried Chinese mushroom ( soaked , shredded )
1tbsp chopped red shallot
1tbsp chopped ginger
2tbsp cooking oil
1tbsp Shaoxing wine
500ml water

Seasoning :
1tbsp oyster sauce
1/2tbsp light soy sauce
1/2tbsp dark soy sauce
1tsp caster sugar
1/2tsp pepper
1/2tsp sesame oil

Method :
1. Cook pork belly into boiling water over high heat for 15 minutes . Dish out and drain , cut into strips .

2. Heat cooking oil in a preheated wok to saute ginger and shallot over low heat , add in pork belly , mushrooms and seasoning , stir-fry briskly until fragrant .

3. Add water , and bring to boil .Once boiled , reduce to low heat , let it simmer until pork belly tender . Stir in salted fish and bird's eye chilies , cook until the gravy is almost absorbed . Sprinkle with Shaoxing wine .

4. Arrange some simmered pork belly into a bowl , add in hot rice , and lightly press . Next , invert rice onto a serving plate , sprinkle with some spring onion . Serve hot .