Thursday, 5 January 2017

姜茸韭菜回锅鸡 ~ Chicken with Chives and Mashed Ginger

食谱取自 : 再回味


材料 A :
½ 菜园鸡

材料 B :
80g 韭菜 ( 切幼粒 )
100g 嫩姜
100g 文东姜 ( 我用老姜 )
2小匙 红葱茸
2小匙 蒜茸
2大匙 麻油
100ml 食油

调味料 :
2大匙 酱油
1小匙 黑酱油

做法 :
1. 将菜园鸡洗净,大火蒸熟,或者用沸水浸泡至熟透,盛起,待冷却后,剁快。

2. 把嫩姜和生姜削皮,一起捣烂,取出备用。

3. 锅里烧热食油和麻油,加入葱茸和蒜茸,以中火爆香,加入姜茸拌炒至金黄。

4. 加入韭菜和调味料同炒均匀,拌入菜园鸡肉,不停翻炒片刻,即可上桌。

Recipe source : Memory of Taste by Famous Cuisine

Chicken with Chives and Mashed Ginger

Ingredients A :
½ no free-range chicken

Ingredients B :
80g Chinese chives ( finely diced )
100g young ginger
100g Bentong old ginger
2tsp chopped red shallot
2tsp chopped garlic
2tsp sesame oil
100ml cooking oil

Seasoning :
¼tsp salt
2tbsp light soy sauce
1tsp dark soy sauce

Method :
1. Rinse chicken , steam in a preheated steamer over high heat until cooked , or soak in boiling water till chicken cooked through . Dish out , leave to cool . Cut chicken into pieces .

2. Peel young and old gingers , pound in a stone mortar into paste , dish out , keep aside .

3. Heat cooking oil and sesame oil in a preheated wok , stir-fry red shallot and garlic over medium heat until fragrant and golden brown .

4. Add Chinese chives and seasoning , toss well . Stir in chicken pieces , stirring constantly till well combined . Dish out , serve hot  .