Thursday, 16 January 2014

丁财两旺 ( 芽菇腊味饭 ) ~ Chinese Preserved Meat Rice with Arrowroot

~ arrowroot ~

食谱取自 丰年团圆

丁财两旺  ( 芽菇腊味饭 )

腊肠  2 切片)
润肠  2 (切片
虾米 50g ( 泡水浸软 )
蒜茸   1汤匙
芽菇  4 去皮,切半)
青葱   1 (切粒

生抽  2汤匙
老抽 / 黑酱油    2汤匙

1. 锅中烧热3汤匙食油,爆香蒜茸。再加入虾米爆香。






Recipe  source : A Bountiful Reunion

Chinese Preserved Meat Rice with Arrowroot

Ingredients :
white rice   300g
Chinese preserved sausage   2 pieces ( sliced )
Chinese preserved liver sausage 2 pieces ( sliced )
dried shrimp  50g ( soak in water until soft )
chopped garlic  1tbsp
arrowroot / “ nga ku “  4  ( peeled and cut into halves )
spring onion 1 stalk ( chopped )

Seasonings :
light soy sauce  2tbsp
dark soy sauce 2tbsp

Method :
1. Heat up 3tbsp of cooking oil in a wok , sauté chopped garlic until fragrant , add in dried shrimp and sauté until fragrant .

2. Add in arrowroot , Chinese preserved sausage and liver sausage, stir-fry until fragrant ,

3. Add in white rice and seasoning stir-fry to mix until well combined , turn off heat .

4. Transfer all ingredients into rice cooker , pour in enough water to cook rice , switch on rice cooker and cook until well done .

5. Put the cooked rice mixture into a bowl , sprinkle with chopped spring onion and serve .

Notes :
1. When using rice cooker to cook the rice , the switch will spring up once the rice is cooked . However ,you will need to press the switch down once more to simmer the rice for 30 minutes . This will ensure all ingredients are cooked thoroughly .

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