Thursday, 27 November 2014

炼奶餐包 ~ Condensed Milk Buns


食谱取自 肉桂打喷嚏

( 18cm x 18cm正方形模

250g  高筋面粉
40g 砂糖
20g 炼乳
190g 牛奶
4g 即溶酵母
30g 无盐奶油

1.  将所有面包材料混合(除奶油外) 搅拌至成面团。加入软化的奶油,继续揉至接近完全阶段(薄膜阶段),放在温暖处开始发酵。(蓋上保鮮模放置室温2倍大即可)




Recipe source : 肉桂打喷嚏

Condensed Milk Buns 
( 18cm x 18cm square mould )

Ingredients  :
250g bread flour
3g salt
40g castor sugar
20g condensed milk
190g milk
4g instant yeast
30g unsalted butter

Method :
1 . In a mixing bowl , add in all ingredients ( except unsalted butter ) . Knead until all are well combined and till dough comes together . Knead in butter till well incorporated and till you achieve window pane stage . Leave in a deep mixer bowl , covered with cling film and allow to rise till 2x the original size .

2. After first rising, punch dough down , spread some filling and divide into 9 equal portions ( about 58g each ) . Then roll it into round shape ,cover and let it rest for 15 minutes .

3. Place the small dough into square mould ( greased the mould with some butter ) . Allow dough to proof till 2X the original size again .

4. Pre-heat oven at 180 degrees C . Bake for 10 mins at 160 degrees C and another 17 mins at 150 degrees C  .

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