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花生红茶粿 ~ Red Cha Guo with Peanut Filling

食谱取自 :巧思妙点


300g 花生仁  我用现成 200g花生粉
100g 幼糖
1/4小匙 幼盐

200 ~ 250ml
少许红色素 ( 我用100g 切丁的甜菜根+ 200 ~ 250ml 水打成泥。过滤,取汁
15片香蕉叶 6cm x 6cm
2大匙 葱头油 抹皮用)

1.花生馅料 :将花生洗净,沥干水,放入干锅用小火炒香和容易脱膜,约30分钟。


3.  皮料: 将糯米粉,色素和水拌匀。搓成团,分成15小团。每团约35g .

4. 将粉团压扁包入20g的馅料,放在香蕉叶上,摆在蒸盘里,放入煮滚的蒸笼里,大火蒸10分钟,取出扫上葱头油即可。

Recipe source : Skillful & Creative Treats

Red Cha Guo with Peanut Filling

Peanut filling :
300g peanuts
100g castor sugar
1/4tsp fine salt
3tbsp oil

Skin :
300g glutinous rice flour
200 ~ 250ml water
a few drops red colouring
15 pieces banana leaves ( about 6cm x 6cm )
2tbsp fried shallot oil ( for glazing )

Method :
1. Peanut filling : Wash the peanuts and drain well . Stir-fry the peanuts in a wok without oil by using low heat until lightly brown and the skin can be removed easily , about 30 minutes.

2. Dish up and leave to cool slightly . Remive the skin and crush the peanuts with a glass bottle . Mix in sugar , salt and  oil .

3. Skin : Combine the skin ingredients and mix into a dough . Divide the dough into 15 small portions , about 35g each .

4. Flatten the skin dough and wrap up 20g filling . Line with a banana leaf and arrange onto a steaming tray . Steam over high heat for 10 minutes . Remove and glaze with fried shallots oil . Serve .

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