Thursday, 27 November 2014

豆角鱼饼 ~ Long Bean Fish Cake

食谱取自 :名食谱@61

100g 鱼胶
100g 猪肉碎
1大匙 虾米( 炸脆
100g  豆角 ( 切幼粒 )
1大匙 冬菜 (清水浸泡10分钟,挤干水分
1大匙 小葱茸
2大匙 薯粉

1小匙 胡椒粉
1小匙  麻油

1 将鱼胶加入肉碎,其余材料和调味料搅拌均匀,拌起胶质。



Recipe source : Famous Cuisine @ No. 61
Long Bean Fish Cake

Ingredients :
100g fish paste
100g minced pork
1tbsp dried shrimos ( deep-fry )
100g long beans ( finely diced )
1tbsp pickled vegetables / “ Dong Choi “ ( soak in water for 10 minutes , squeeze it’s moisture )
1tbsp chopped shallots
2tbsp  tapioca flour

Seasoning  :
1/2tsp salt
1tsp pepper
1tsp sesame oil

Method :
1.  Mix fish paste with minced pork , and the remaining ingredients and seasoning , stir until sticky .

2. Divide the mixture into small portions , form it into round shapes and press lightly . Deep-fry in the hot oil over medium-high heat until cooked and golden brown on both sides . Remove from heat , drain well . Serve hot .
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