Monday, 6 July 2015

芋香花腩煲 ~ Braised Yam with Pork Belly



300g 五花肉/ 花腩 洗净连皮一起切片)( 也可以用鸡肉来代替五花肉)
1茶匙   生抽
1/2汤匙   玉米粉
盐和胡椒粉  适量

200g 芋头  切块
50g 红萝卜 切块
5 香菇 浸水至软,挤干水)
1 蒜子 切段

1汤匙   蚝油
2汤匙  生抽
1汤匙  绍兴酒
2 上汤
胡椒粉 适量





Braised Yam with Pork Belly

Ingredients A :
300g pork belly ( wash and cut into pieces ) ( can be replaced with chicken )
1tsp sugar
1tsp thick soy sauce
1/2 tbsp corn  flour
salt and pepper to taste

Ingredients B :
200g yam ( cut into pieces )
50g carrot ( cut into pieces )
5 Chinese mushroom ( soak in water until soft and squeeze dry )
1 stalk Chinese leek ( I replaced it with spring onion ) ( cut into sections )

Seasonings :
1tbsp oyster sauce
2tbsp light soy sauce
1tbsp Shao Xing wine
1tsp sugar
2 cups broth
pepper to taste

Method :
1. Mix pork belly with ingredients A and set aside .

2.  Heat 2tbsp oil in a wok , stir-fry pork belly until fragrant and cooked .

3. Pour in seasonings , bring to boil and reduce to low heat . Braise until pork belly is tender .

4.  Add in ingredients B , stir evenly , cover with lid. Braise for about 20 minutes until the ingredients are cooked , stir in some flour solution ( cornstarch water ) to thicken the gravy . Serve  


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