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椰汁芋头西米露 ~ Taro Coconut Milk with Sago Dessert

食谱取自 carol 自在生活


200g  芋头
400ml  椰浆
80g  西谷米
500ml 清水


1. 芋头去皮切块 ,用大火蒸12 ~1 5分钟至软烂

2. 趁热用叉子压成泥状  , 一小部份可以保留些大颗粒比较有口感

3. 椰浆和500ml清水煮沸 . 再将芋头泥倒入熬煮7 ~ 8分钟 。最后将糖加入融化即可

4. 放涼后放入冰箱冷藏

5. 清水1200ml倒入锅中,放在瓦斯炉上将水煮沸。

6. 将西谷米倒入煮沸的热水中,用汤杓混合均勻,小火煮10分钟 。盖上盖子焖20分钟至西谷米中央沒有白点。

7. 完成的西谷米用滤网捞起瀝干水份,放入冰块水中漂涼 。再将完全涼透的西谷米用滤网捞起放入冰透的椰汁芋头中即可

1. 此甜点冷热吃皆可,甜度请依照个人喜欢调整

2. 煮好西谷米若沒有马上放冰块水中,会凝结成团。

Recipe source : caroleasylife

Taro Coconut Milk with Sago Dessert

Ingredients :
200g  taro
400ml  coconut milk
80g sago
80g sugar
500ml water

1200ml water for cooking sago

Method :
1. Peel and slice the taro. Steam the taro till soft about 12 ~ 15 minutes.

2. While still hot , mash the taro with fork . Reserve some cooked taro pieces to add to the dessert soup at the end .

3. Boil  coconut milk and 500ml water using a big pot. Add in mashed taro and cook for 7 ~ 8 minutes  . Then add in sugar .

4. Let it cool and keep in refrigerator .

5. In another pot , add in 1200ml water and bring to boil .

6.  Add in sago , keep stirring and boil for 10 minutes . Turn off heat, cover with the lid and let the sago sit for another 20 minutes until all of them turn transparent .

7. Run the sago through cold water . When serve , add in some cooked sago into the taro coconut milk .

1. This dessert can serve hot or cold .

2. Run the sago through cold water to ensure they are not sticking together  .



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