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沙爹朱律 ~ Satay Celup


食谱取自 Kuali


2只鸡 斩块
400g  猪骨 (斩块
1茶匙 胡椒  捣烂 我用1茶匙胡椒粉

2 香茅 切片)
8 小葱头( 切片)
80g 蓝姜  切片)
15 辣椒干 浸泡至软,切4cm 长)
20g 石古仔
3/4汤匙  芫茜籽粒 烤香
1/2汤匙  小茴香粒  烤香
25g 蒜头( 去皮,切片)
1/2 食油
50g  椰糖
1/2汤匙  盐或适量
150 ~ 200g  花生( 炒香,捣碎

沙爹串材料 :
300g 牛肉,猪/鸡肉片
500g 去壳 )
400g 鱿鱼 洗净,切成4cm块状
250g 猪肉丸
250g 鱼丸
250g 蟹柳
10 豆腐卜
1 新鲜蘑菇
20 鹌鹑蛋 ( 煮熟去壳 )
2 青瓜 切片)
油条适量 切小块
蕹菜 洗净,切段)
竹签适量 预先浸泡在水里1小时 ,然后沥干)

1. 上汤 :煮滚1锅水,加入鸡,猪骨和胡椒粒。以小火煮30 ~ 40分钟。过滤取汤去渣。备用。

2. 沙爹酱 将全部香料捣烂,备用。

3. 锅里烧热油,爆香捣烂的香料至香。要不停的搅拌,以免烧焦。

4. 加入上汤 ,椰糖,盐和花生。以小火煮10分钟,试味。将煮好的沙爹酱倒入另一个干净的锅里。备用。

5. 沙爹串 :把沙爹串的材料串在竹签上。用保鲜膜包着,放入冰箱里,备用。

6. 将沙爹串排放在桌子上,然后将煮好的沙爹酱煮滚,把沙爹串放入。煮至熟即可享用。

Recipe source : Kuali

Satay Celup
Stock ingredients  :
2.5 litres water
2 chickens, cut into pieces
400g pork bones ( cut into pieces )
1 tsp peppercorns ( crushed )
Spice paste ingredients :
2 stalks lemongrass ( sliced )
8 shallots (peeled and sliced )
80g galangal  ( sliced thinly )
15  dried red chillies ( soaked and cut into 4 cm lengths )
20g candlenuts
3/4 tbsp coriander seeds ( roasted )
1/2 tbsp fennel seeds ( roasted )
25g garlic ( peeled and sliced )
1/2 cup cooking oil
50g palm sugar or to taste
1/2 tbsp salt or to taste
150-200g peanuts ( fried and coarsely ground )
Ingredients for the skewers :
300g beef, chicken and/or pork fillet ( sliced or cubed )
500g medium-sized prawns ( shelled )
400g squid ( cleaned and cut into 4cm squares )
250g meatballs
250g fish balls
250g crabsticks
10 tofu puffs
1 packet fresh mushrooms
20 hardboiled quail eggs shelled )
2 cucumbers ( quartered and sliced )
Chinese crullers (yau char kwai), sliced
water spinach ( wash & cut into section )
fried beancurd
fried wanton
bamboo skewers ( soak in water for 1 hour and drain )

Method :
1. To prepare stock :   Bring water to boil ; add the chicken, pork and peppercorns. Simmer over low heat for 30 to 40 minutes. Strain stock and set aside.

2. To prepare the satay gravy : In an electric blender, blend the spice paste ingredients finely.

3. Heat the oil in a wok and saute the spice paste until fragrant, stirring continuously to prevent burning.

4. Add the stock, palm sugar, salt and ground peanuts  . Simmer over low heat for 10 minutes and adjust seasonings to taste. Pour the gravy into a pot.

5. To prepare food skewers: Thread all the remaining ingredients onto the bamboo skewers as in preparing sticks of satay . Set aside, covered with cling film, in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

6. To cook : Bring the satay gravy to a boil and keep it simmering over a portable stove placed in the centre of the table. Arrange platefuls of skewered food around the hot pot. Cook by dipping into the simmering satay gravy; stir the gravy occasionally to prevent clumping at the bottom.

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