Wednesday, 8 October 2014

姜汁南瓜豆浆 ~ Pumpkin Soymilk with Ginger Juice





200ml 原味豆浆
40g 南瓜 切块,蒸熟)
60g 老姜 (磨成泥,挤出汁液)
15g  幼糖

1。将原味豆浆倒入搅拌机,加入蒸软的南瓜,幼糖和15 ~ 20ml 的姜汁。盖好,搅打至材料完全混合即可。

Recipe source : The Magic of Soy

Pumpkin Soymilk with Ginger Juice
Ingredients :
200ml plain soymilk
40g pumpkin ( cut into pieces and steam until cooked )
60g old ginger ( grate into paste and squeeze out juice )
15g castor sugar

Method :
1. Pour soymilk into a blender , add in steamed pumpkin , castor sugar and 15 ~ 20ml ginger juice . Cover and blend until well-combined .

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