Friday, 29 May 2015

摩摩喳喳 ~ Bubur Cha Cha ( Sweet Potatoes and Yam Dessert Soup )


食谱取自 Nasi Lemak Lover

300橙,黄和紫色番薯 切丁
200g  芋头 ( 切丁 )
6 班兰叶 (打结)
1 椰奶

100g  木薯粉  我把100g的木薯粉和65ml的热水分成2
65ml  热水
青和红色素各一滴 我用甜菜根汁和班兰汁

1. 将青和红色素加入热水里倒入木薯粉,搅拌均匀。

2. 待凉一些就把薯粉搓成面团,把面团擀平,用刀切成菱角形。
3. 准备一个小锅,放入水将水煮滚,将切好的薯块放入,煮至透明状,再放入冷水中冷却。

4. 准备另一个小锅,将2公升水煮滚,放入班兰叶,番薯煮5分钟,然后加入芋头继续煮5 ~ 10分钟。

5. 最后薯粉团,椰奶,糖和盐。即可。

Recipe source :  Nasi Lemak Lover
Bubur Cha Cha  ( Sweet Potatoes and Yam Dessert Soup )
Ingredients :
300g sweet potatoes (combination of orange , yellow and purple potatoes  ) ( small cubed )
200g yam  ( small cubed )
6 pandan leaves (knotted )
2lt water
200g sugar
1/2tsp salt
1 cup coconut milk
To make tapioca jelly :
100g tapioca flour
65ml hot boiling water
A drop of red & green food colouring ( I replaced it with beetroot juice and pandan juice )
Method :
1. To make tapioca jelly, drop red and green food colouring into hot boiling water separately , slowly add into tapioca flour, using a pair of chopstick or spoon to mix well.
2. When it turn slightly warm, use hand to combine and knead till smooth. Dust worktop with tapioca flour, use a rolling pin to roll dough into flatten, cut into small square cubes. Set aside.
3.  Bring water to boil , cook the tapioca jelly in the boiling water, till the rice balls float to the surface. Remove them to the large bowl of room temperature water (fresh cool dip).
4. In another pot , bring 2lt water to boil  , add in sweet potato cubes and pandan leaves, boil about 5 mins, then add in yam cubes, continue to boil for another 5-10mins or until tendered.
5. Add in tapioca jelly, coconut milk, sugar and salt to taste. Bring to boil for few minutes. Serve warm or cold.
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