Saturday, 9 May 2015

芒果西米露 ~ Mango and Sago Dessert


材料 A :
120g 沙谷米(洗净

材料B :
1 淡奶
500ml  清水
100g  白糖

材料 C :
500g 芒果肉  (搅成泥)


1. 锅里煮滚适量水,把材料A加入锅内。小火煮15分钟,一边煮,一边搅拌,以免黏成一团,或黏底。撈起,过篩过冷河(即用冷水沖)。沥干水份备用。( 沙谷米煮至中间无白点就是熟了。 )

2.淡奶,清水和白糖(材料 B )倒入锅里煮至微滚至白糖溶,熄火。待冷,然后倒入芒果泥和沙谷米搅拌均匀。


* 沙谷米煮至95%熟后,熄火,加盖,让其浸泡10分钟。沙谷米就会熟啦!

Mango & Sago Sweet Soup

Ingredients A :
120g sago / tapioca pearls ( washed )

Ingredients B :
1tin evaporated creamer
500ml water
100g sugar

Ingredients C :
500g mango puree

some mango ( diced )

Method :
1.Place water in a deep pot, bring to boil.Add in sago ,  cook at low heat for 15 minutes  . Stir constantly until sago is translucent and bubbles appear on surface. Keep stirring else it will stick to the bottom. Drain water and wash again in running water, drain water completely and set aside

2.Put ingredients B in a pot , bring to boil or till sugar dissolve ,turn off heat . Let it cool down , then pour in mango puree and sago .Mix well .

3.Refrigerate it for a few hours . Serve cold with mango cubes.

Tips :
* Cook sago until its cooked 95% with very less white dots.Switch off the stove and cover the bowl with a lid for 10 minutes.Sago will get cooked itself in the heat of water.)