Friday, 11 March 2016

港式法兰西多士 ~ Hong Kong style French Toast

食谱取自 Yi Reservation


材料 :
4 面包 / 吐司
2 鸡蛋
1茶匙 香草香精
2小块 牛油
2 蜂蜜 或枫糖浆 / 练奶

1. 把两片面包涂上大约1 ½大匙花生酱。

2. 将面包合在一起,然后切边。

3. 取一小碗将鸡蛋打匀后加少许香草香精继续搅拌均匀。将涂好花生酱的司放在蛋液中让其充分吸收蛋液(四边也沾一下)。

4. 用不粘锅,开火,放入1 ½ 大匙牛油司放入锅中煎至面金黄(四个边也竖起来煎一下,让侧面沾上的蛋液也熟了). 也可用油炸的方法 .把炸好的西多士略去油,然后在上面放一块牛油,挤上少许蜂蜜或枫糖浆即可趁热食用。

Recipe source : Yi Reservation

Hong Kong Style French Toast

4 slices thick bread
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
Peanut butter
2 slices of butter
2 tbsp honey ( or can replace with maple syrup or sweetened condensed milk )

Method :
1. Evenly spread a generous amount of peanut butter on one side of bread, about 1.5 tbsp .

2. Put two slices of bread together and gently press the bread to seal the sides. Remove the bread crust from the 4 sides .

3. Make the egg batter by beating the egg with vanilla extract until well blended . Drench the bread in the egg batter until all sides are well coated

4. For the healthier version, pan fry the toast in a non-stick pan with 1.5 tbsp of butter until all sides are golden brown, about 1 minutes per side over medium heat. Make sure you pan fry all 6 sides to get that uniform look. For the traditional version, deep fry the toast until golden brown, about 2 minutes. Plate the toast, place a thin slice of butter on top of the toast and drizzle with honey  . Serve immediately .

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