Wednesday, 9 March 2016

潮洲银杏芋泥 ~ Teochew Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts


食谱取自 潮人


材料 A :
白果适量 ( 去壳,去皮,去芯 )
2汤匙 白糖    
1 清水

材料 B :
1公升 芋头( 去皮,切1公分厚)
150g  白糖
200ml  葱油

1. 将白果放在容器内,加入材料(A)的白糖和清水在煤气上以中火开煮。

2. 水滚后转小火煮约20分钟后,熄火。

3. 将切片芋头放在锅内以大火蒸10分钟,再转小火蒸10分钟至软。趁热压软成泥状。

4. 在热锅加入少许葱油,倒入芋泥炒匀。

5. 加入材料B的白糖和剩余的葱油,炒至芋泥离锅。

6. 取出一个深碗,抹上少许葱油,在底部铺上已煮熟的白果。
7. 倒入煮好的芋泥填满,压紧,将芋泥倒扣在盘中央,即可享用。

Recipe source : chaoren

Teochew Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts

Ingredients A :
some gingko nuts ( de-shell , peel the skin of the gingko nuts and the bitter pith in the seeds )
2tbsp sugar
1 cup water

Ingredients B :
1kg yam ( skinned and cut into 1” cubes )
150g sugar
200ml shallots oil

Method :
1. Boil the ginko nuts together with 2tbsp sugar and water from ingredients A .

2. Stir till all the sugar has dissolved and bring to boil  . Turn to low heat and simmer for about 20 minutes. Turn off heat and set aside .

3.Steam the yam cubes over high heat for about 10 minutes , then turn to low heat and steam another 10 minutes or until soften . Mash it using a fork while it’s still hot .

4. Heat wok and add some shallots oil , add the mashed mixture in . Stir fry the mixture over medium low heat .

5. Add in sugar and the remaining shallots oil . Stir continuously until yam mixture and oil are well combined.

6. Transfer the stir fried yam paste to individual greased bowl ,  arrange some candied gingko nuts on the bottom of the bowl  .

7. Spoon the yam paste in the bowl  . Invert the bowl to turn out the yam paste on a serving plate .