Thursday, 7 November 2013

香滑花生糊 ~ Creamy peanuts sweet soup

除了芝麻糊,这也是我的 favourite !  但不可吃太多,因位我的脸很容易长豆豆哦 

食谱取自 名食谱,第48

花生   350g
粘米粉  2大匙
细砂糖   160g
淡奶 / 生奶   2大匙
清水  1500ml





Recipe source : Famous cuisine , No.48

Creamy peanuts sweet soup

Ingredients :
peanuts  350g
rice flour  2tbsp
caster sugar  160g
evaporated milk  2tbsp
water  1500ml

Method :

1.  Stir-fry the peanuts into pre-heated dry wok at low heat until fragrant , dish out and skinless . Next  , pond the peanuts with 500ml water into the blender until finely paste  . Remove , pour into a deep pot .

2. Add in the remaining water , and follow by rice flour and sugar . Bring to boil and keep stirring until become smooth batter . Lastly  , add in evaporated milk , stir until well combined or thicken . Serve hot  .