Friday, 8 November 2013

酸柑椰果燕菜 ~ Lime and Nata De Coco agar-agar


食谱取自 花样燕菜

材料 A :
酸柑 2 (切片后去种子
清水  250g
蜜糖   2大匙

材料 B :
燕菜粉    1 1/2大匙
清水   1100ml
明胶粉    40g
( 糖和明胶粉预先混合

材料C :
白色椰果粒   250g



2.将材料B煮滚 加入材料A和材料C搅匀,再煮棍。




Recipe source : Pretty Little Agar-agar

Lime and Nata De Coco agar-agar

Ingredients A  :
2  limes ( sliced and seeded )
water 250ml
sugar   4tbsp
honey   2tbsp
Ingredients B :
agar-agar powder  1 1/2tbsp
water    1100ml
sugar     200g
gelatin powder 40g
( premix sugar and gelatin powder )

Ingredients C :
nata de coco    250g

Method :

1.  Boil ingredients A . Switch to low heat and boil for 15minutes . Flame out and set aside .

2. Boil ingredients B . Add in ingredients A and C , bring to boil again .

3. Discard the limes and arrange then into rectangle pan . Pour the mixture in for few times . Chill in the    refrigerator when it is completely set .

Remark :
Premix sugar and gelatin powder before boiling with water to prevent the mixture becomes lumpy .