Wednesday, 20 November 2013

泰式椰奶木薯 ~ Tapioca In Coconut Syrup (Mann Supalang Cheamm)

食谱取自: Cass @ 揾到食


材料  5-6人份)
木薯 2kg(去皮,切成2寸长圆段,浸泡在水里待用)
2 Litres
班兰叶 2片(洗净,打结)
白糖 500g
椰奶 1-2Tbsp(或适量)


1. 把水放在锅里煮开,加入班兰叶和木薯块,加入250g白糖,继续焖煮30分钟。

2. 然后再把另外一半的白糖加入,继续把木薯煮软至呈透明状。

3. 把木薯取出,淋上适量椰奶即可食用。


Recipe source : Cass @ 揾到食
Tapioca In Coconut Syrup

Ingredients  : serve 5-6
tapioca Roots  2kg (peeled and cut into 5cm / 2in rounds, then soaked in water until use
water   2 Litres
pandan leaves  1-2 knotted
sugar  500g
coconut  1-2 Tbsp

Method :

1. In a pot, bring water to the boil over medium heat. Add pandan leaves and tapioca pieces, then add 250g sugar. Stir to mix well, then leaves to simmer for 30 minutes.

2. Add the remaining sugar, then reduce heat to low. Leave to cook until tapioca pieces turn soft and translucent, the remove from the heat and drain well.

3. Drizzle coconut cream over tapioca pieces and serve immediately.

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