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五香腊味芋头糕 ~ Taro Cake with Chinese Sausage

Chinese sausage

食谱取自 有碗家传菜


560g 粘米粉
80g 澄面粉

750g 芋头
1 腊肠
半条 腊肉
8 ~ 10 香菇
2大匙  虾米
4  红葱头
2大匙  蚝油
1大匙  酱油
2小匙  麻油
1小匙  五香粉
1小匙  胡椒粉

装饰 :

1.  腊肉去出肥肉部分与腊肠削微灼熟,切小丁,香菇泡软切碎,虾米泡软,红葱头切碎。芋头洗净去皮切小丁。

2. 烧热油,倒入1大匙油爆香红葱头,再下腊肠,腊肉炒香。然后加入香菇,虾米炒干后,倒入芋头,翻炒一下,加入全部的调味料。爆炒数分钟至入味。 (图1

                   ~ 1 / picture 1 ~

3. 将粘米粉,澄面粉和水倒入碗里,搅拌均匀至无颗粒。加入步骤(2)里,继续以小火煮3 ~ 5分钟至半熟。(需不停的搅拌以免黏底。太稠,可加少许滚水,迅速拌匀。)(图2

                                                   ~ 2 / picture 2 ~

4. 把粉浆连馅料倒入四边已涂油的盘内(我用白钢盘 )。边倒入边轻轻按实。盖好,以大火蒸50 ~ 60分钟或至熟。用筷子插入抽出,若没很多黏着物既完成。

5. 洒上青葱粒和炸葱即可。
Recipe source : Rice Bowl Tales
Taro Cake with Chinese Sausage
Ingredients :
560g rice flour
80g wheat starch
1200ml  water
For the filling :
750g taro
1 wind dried Chinese pork sausage
1/2 strip wind dried Chinese belly pork
8 ~ 10 fried Chinese mushroom
2tbsp dried shrimps
4 dried red shallots
Seasoning :
2tbsp oyster sauce
1tbsp soy sauce
1tsp salt
1tsp sugar
2tsp sesame oil
1tsp five spice powder
2tsp ground white pepper
Garnishing :
chopped spring onion
fried shallots flakes 
Method :
1. Cut away the fat from the preserved Chinese belly pork , put in boiling water with Chinese sausage to blanch and soften , then cut into small pieces . Wash and soak the mushroom until soft , cut into small pieces .Soak the dried shrimps until soft , chopped red shallots . Remove the taro skin and cut into small pieces .
2. Heat wok with 1tbsp oil ,add the shallots ,Chinese sausage and the preserved Chinese belly pork . Stir-fry till fragrant ,then add in the mushroom , shrimps fry until dry then put in the taro . Turn and mix everything before adding in seasonings , then stir around for afew minutes . ( Picture 1 )
3. In a large bowl , mix rice flour , wheat starch and water . Then pour into the pan with step 2 . Continue to cook on low heat for 3 ~ 5 minutes until the mixture is half cooked . Keep stirring to prevent the mixture from sticking onto the bottom . If it appears to be sticky , add in a bit of boiling water and mix quickly . ( Picture 2 )
4.  Greased the pan with some cooking oil , pour in the rice flour mixture and pressing it down with aspoon to ensure a solidly packed finish . Smooth the top , cover with the lids and put the pan in the steamer to steam for 50 ~ 60 minutes in high heat .Insert a chopstick to test , when the chopstick comes out clean then it’s ready / cooked  .
5. Garnish with chopped spring onion and fried red shallot . Serve .

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