Tuesday, 29 December 2015

蓝花九层糕 ~ Blue Pea Flowers Kuih Lapis ( Steamed 9 Layer Cake )


食谱取自 PL Teoh
125g 粘米粉
100g 木薯粉
140g 幼糖 我放110g
120g 浓椰浆
150ml 蓝花汁
150ml 清水

100g 粘米粉
80g 木薯粉
100g 幼糖 我放80g
100g 浓椰浆
150ml 清水
1. 将上述材料分别放入2个大碗中搅拌均允,过筛。蓝色粉浆分成5等份,白色粉浆分成4等份。

2. 取一7寸四方蛋糕模,铺上锡纸,放入蒸笼里蒸3分钟 ( 原食谱用8“圆模 )

3. 将一份蓝色浆倒入盘里,用大火蒸4分钟。再倒入白色粉浆,蒸4分钟。

4. 如此重复将全部粉浆蒸完,最后一层蒸10分钟。( 每次舀面糊前必须先搅匀

5. 取出,待完全冷却后,便可切块享用。

Blue Pea Flowers Kuih Lapis ( Steamed 9 Layers Cake )
Ingredients :
For the blue layer
125g rice flour
100g tapioca flour
140g caster sugar ( I put 110g )
120g thick coconut milk
150ml  blue pea flower juice
150ml water

For the white layer :
100g  rice flour
80g tapioca flour
100g caster sugar ( I put 80g )
100g thick coconut milk
150ml water

Method :
1. In 2 big bowls , mix all white and blue layer ingredients separately and sieve the mixture . Divide the blue mixture into 5 portion and white mixture into 4 portions .

2. Bring steamer to boil , line a 7” square pan with aluminium foil . Heat the pan in steamer till hot . ( original recipe use 8” round tin )

3. Pour 1st layer with blue batter into the heated tin , steam at high heat for 4 minutes or until batter is cooked . Then pour in 2nd layer with white batter and steam for another 4 minutes .

4. Repeat the procedure , alternating blue and white batter until all the batter is used up . For the 9tht layer , steam for 10 minutes . ( Remember to stir the batter each time before pouring into the steaming pan ) .

5. Remove from the steamer and let cool completely .Then cut the kuih into desire shapes and sizes.