Thursday, 17 December 2015

橙汁排骨 ~ Spare Ribs in Orange Sauce

食谱取自 :我家海陆菜单


450g  排骨 ( 洗净,剁块 )
250g  鲜橙汁
木薯粉适量 ( 沾用 )

1大匙  绍兴酒
1大匙  粟粉
2大匙  鲜橙汁

1. 排骨加入腌料腌制4小时。

2. 沾上适量薯粉。锅里烧热适量的油,以中火把排骨炸至呈金黄色,盛起沥干油份。

3. 将鲜橙汁煮滚,加入糖,排骨,中火煮至收汁即可。

Recipe source : Surf-and-Turf Recipes from Home

Spare Ribs in Orange Sauce

Ingredients :
450g spare ribs ( clean and cut into pieces )
250g fresh orange juice
2tbsp sugar
some tapioca flour ( for coating )

Marinade :
1tsp salt
1tbsp Shao Xing wine
1tbsp cornstarch
2tbsp fresh orange juice

Method :
1. Marinate spare ribs with the ingredients for 4 hours .

2. Coat with some tapioca flour .Heat some oil in a wok , deep-fry spare ribs on medium heat until they appear golden brown . Dish and drain off excess oil .

3. Heat the fresh orange juice to a boiling point , then add in sugar ,spare ribs and cook on medium heat until sauce dries up .

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