Monday, 14 December 2015

冰镇抹茶豆浆 ~ Iced-cold Matcha Soymilk

食谱取自 :豆来豆趣


240ml  原味豆浆 我喜欢比较浓的豆浆,所以用了300g的黄豆和1700ml / 1.7 litres 的水
1汤匙 抹茶粉
10g 幼糖
2汤匙 热水

1. 将豆浆放入冰箱冰镇至冻。

2. 将抹茶粉和幼糖倒入杯中,加热水搅拌均匀。取出冰镇豆浆,分次慢慢加入搅拌。混合均匀后即成。

Recipe source : The Magic of Soy

Iced-cold Matcha Soymilk

Ingredients :
240ml plain soymilk  ( I prefer thick soymilk and adjust the soybean to 300g and 1700ml / 1.7 litres water )
1tbsp matcha powder
10g caster sugar
2tbsp hot water

Method :
1. Chill plain soymilk in the fridge until very cold .

2. Pour matcha powder and caster sugar into an empty cup  , add in hot water and stir well . Remove plain soy milk from the fridge  , gradually pour into the cup and stir well .

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