Tuesday, 15 December 2015

抹茶わらび餅 ~ Matcha Warabi Mochi

食谱取自 cookpad


材料 A
1茶匙 抹茶粉
50g 片粟粉
2汤匙 细砂糖

材料 B ( 搅拌均匀 )
2汤匙 黄豆粉
2汤匙 细砂糖

1. 准备一个锅,倒入材料A . 以小火边煮边搅拌的方式煮至透明状。

2. 将(1)倒入碗里。待冷后,放入冰箱冷藏。

3. 放在材料B中,讓表面平均沾上黄豆粉。


Recipe source : cookpad

Matcha Warabi Mochi

Ingredients A  :
300ml  water
1tsp matcha powder
50g katakuriko
2 tbsp sugar

Ingredients B ( mix well ) :
2 tbsp kinako ( soybean flour )
2 tbsp sugar

Method :
1. In a pot or non-stick pan , add all the ingredients A . Heat and stir until the mixture becomes clear and glutinous.

2. Put the mixture from Step 1 in a dish and chill   Once it cools, chill in the refrigerator.

3. Dust the mochi with kinako thoroughly.

4. Press gently to flatten and cut into bite-sized and serve .