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甜汤圆 ~ Sweet Tang Yuan

冬至快乐 !
                                          Happy Winter Solstice !

食谱取自 :新新饮食@82


300g  糯米
1杯 滚水
1 红色素

1. 将糯米粉放入大碗中,倒入滚水,用木匙搅拌均匀,让糯米粉呈半熟状态,放置一旁待冷至可用搓揉。慢慢的加入冷水,一边搓揉至粉团光滑。取出1/3粉团,加入红色素揉勻成粉红色粉团。

2. 将糯米粉团分成小份并揉成红或白色汤圆。

3. 煮滚一锅水,放入汤圆煮至浮起,捞起,泡在冷水中备用。

4. 分成两份,一份用来做甜汤圆,一份用来做咸汤圆。

Recipe source : YumYum Magazine @ No.82

Basic Tang Yuan

Ingredients :
300g glutinous rice flour
1 cup boiling water
some cold water to knead into a dough
a drop of red colouring ( I replace it with beetroot juice )

Method :
1. Put glutinous rice flour into a mixing bowl , pour in boiling water and stir with a wooden spoon to par-cook the flour . Leave aside to cool till it can be kneaded with hand . Add cold water little by little till a pliable dough is formed . Take 1/3 portion and add in red colouring to form pink dough .

2. Divide dough into small portions and roll into white and pink balls  .

3. Bring a pot of water to boil , add rice balls and cook till they all float up . Dish and refresh with cold water to form Tang Yuan .

4. Divide into 2 portions , one portion for sweet and the other portion for savoury .  

120g 黄糖
30g 老姜(拍扁)
少许炒香花生( 装饰用)

1. 将全部材料放入锅里煮滚,转小火煮约15分钟至姜出味。将糖水过沥入深盘中。

2. 将烫熟汤圆放入糖水中,洒上炒香花生装饰。冷吃热吃皆宜。

Recipe source : YumYum Magazine @ No.82

Sweet Tang Yuan

Ingredients :
120g brown sugar
30g old ginger ( bruised )
500ml water
1/2 portion basic Tang Yuan
some toasted peanuts ( for garnishing )

Method :
1. Put all the ingredients into a pot and bring to boil , lower heat and simmer for 15 minutes till the ginger flavor has come out  .

2. Arrange Tang Yuan in the syrup and sprinkle some toasted peanuts on top as garnishing  . Serve hot or cold .

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