Monday, 28 December 2015

简易版日式照烧鸡腿 ~ Easy Teriyaki Chicken

          Daiso 买的照烧酱 / Teriyaki sauce bought at Daiso

     谢谢Lai Kien 姐的分享
                     ( 食谱的材料和做法我做了少许更改


3 连皮全鸡腿( 去骨
1 市售照烧酱
1大匙 姜汁

1. 鸡腿用盐,胡椒粉,姜汁少许的照烧酱腌一小时。

2. 不沾锅烧热少许油 ( 可选择不放油 ),放入鸡肉,皮朝下。当皮的那一面煎至金黄色后将鸡肉翻过来,然后倒入照烧酱料和腌鸡肉的酱汁,以小火煎至酱汁收干少许( 煮的时候要不停的翻面让鸡肉均匀吸收酱汁和上色 )

3. 将鸡肉盛碟,淋上照烧酱和撒上白芝麻即可。

Thanks to my FB friend Ms.Lai Kien for sharing this recipe . 
( With minor adjustment on the ingredients and method )
Easy Teriyaki Chicken

Ingredients :
3 boneless chicken thigh with skin
1 bottle store bought teriyaki sauce
1tbsp ginger juice
salt and pepper for marinate
some toasted white sesame seeds

Method  :
1. Marinate chicken thigh with salt , pepper , ginger juice and some teriyakisauce .

2. Heat non-stick pan with oil ( can omit it ) ,place the chicken pieces from skin side .When skin side is nicely browned flip the chicken ,Then add in teriyaki sauce and the marinade juice .Cook at low heat until the sauce is reduced a bit ( coat the chicken well with sauce by flipping it constantly ).

3. Serve onto a plate .Pour some sauce on top and sprinkle some roasted sesame seeds .