Monday, 12 May 2014

豆沙饼 ~ Chinese Mung Bean cookies (Tau Sha Piah)


食谱取自 Jane's corner


400g 绿豆瓣
1 小匙 白胡椒粉
100g  食油
250g 砂糖

250g 面粉 ( 过筛 )
65g 白油
1/2小匙 砂糖

125g 面粉
35g  白油
35g 食油

1. 将绿豆浸一夜,滤干水分,蒸至熟,压成泥。 1
~ 1 / picture 1 ~

2. 加入砂糖,盐和白胡椒于做法1里。 1

3. 热油,炸香葱头,过滤油,磨碎炸好的葱头。 2
~ 2 / picture 2 ~

4. 热油,加入绿豆瓣和葱头碎,炒至干。待冷。分成34份,每份约20-22g .

5. 水皮 :把所有材料搓匀,静置20分钟。 油皮:把所有材料搓匀,静置20分钟。

6. 油皮和水皮分割成34份。再用一份水皮面团裹入一份油皮面团。把小面团压扁,杆长,从下至上卷起如瑞士卷,重复2回。 3
~ 3 / picture 3 ~

7. 再擀成圆形,裹入豆沙馅料,收口朝下,表面涂蛋黄。 4
~ 4 / picture 4 ~

8. 预热烤箱180c ,烤20分钟。

Recipe source :  Jane's corner
Chinese Mung Bean cookies (Tau Sha Piah)

Filling :
400g peeled mung beans (soaked overnight, steamed and mashed)
1 tsp white pepper
2tsp salt
250g fine sugar
100g cooking oil
10 shallots (sliced thinly)

Dough A :
250g sifted all-purpose flour
65g shortening
120-130ml water
1/2 tsp fine sugar

Dough B :
125g flour
35g shortening
35g cooking oil

1. Filling: Combine sugar, salt, and mashed beans in a large bowl. Mix well. (  Picture 1 )

2. Heat oil in wok or pan. Stir-fry the shallots till fragrant and lightly browned, removed fried shallot and chopped into small pieces and grind it, set aside for later use.  ( Picture 2 )

3. Stir in the bean mixture, stir-fry on low heat till it becomes dry and able to form a ball.

4. Remove from heat and stir in fried shallots. Cool completely, divide and shape filling into 34 equal portion balls (around 20-22g).

5. Prepare dough A and B separately using the same method. Bring together all ingredients for each dough, mix well and knead to form soft dough. Cover and let them rest for 20 minutes. Divide and shape each dough into 34 equal portion balls.

6. Wrap dough A with dough B . Roll it out into long rectangle shape. Then roll up the dough like the swiss roll. Repeat this step twice.  ( Picture 3 )

7. Roll it out into a circle and place the filling at the center. Bring all edges together and pinch to seal.  ( Picture 4 )

8. Egg wash and bake in preheated oven at 180c for 20 minutes or till golden brown.