Wednesday, 17 September 2014

光酥饼 ~ Chinese White Cakey Biscuit ( Guang Su Pin or Kong Soh Peng )

食谱取自 Guai Shu Shu
100g 自发面粉
50g  幼糖
50g 奶粉
45g 鲜奶
10g 练奶
20g 食油
2.自发面粉和奶粉过筛。 在大碗里倒入粉类,幼糖,搅拌均匀。在中间挖一个洞,加入鲜奶,练奶和食油。用汤匙搅拌均匀。
4.面团平均分割成6等份。搓圆,用手掌轻轻压扁。放入预热烤箱里烤12 ~ 15分钟。( 我的烤30分钟@140 )。
Recipe source : Guai Shu Shu
Chinese White Cakey Biscuit ( Guang Su Pin or Kong Soh Peng )

Ingredients :
100g self raising flour
50g castor sugar
50g milk powder
45g fresh milk
10g condensed milk
20g cooking oil

Method :
1. Pre-heat the oven to 160 degree Celsius

2. Sift all the flours (milk powder and self raising flour) in a mixing bowl, add sugar, stir until well mixed and make a well. Add in all the wet ingredients (milk and cooking oil). Use a spoon to stir until it is well combined.

3. With some flour in your hand, lightly knead the dough until it form a pliable dough. (All handlings should be light to avoid formation of gluten like the handling of Western short crust pastry) .

 4. Divide the dough into 6 ( mine was 90g each ) . Shape like a ball, press and shape it like a disc. If it is too sticky, flour your hand before shaping. Bake in the pre-heated oven of 160 degree for 12-15 minutes ( I baked it for 25 minutes .) Place the baking tray in the lowest rack to avoid over browning.