Friday, 5 September 2014

刈包 ~ Taiwanese Braised Pork Buns ( Gua Bao )



300g 包粉
1 1/2 tsp 即溶酵母
180g 温水 (大约)
30g 幼糖


1. 把酵母、糖和温水搅溶。

2. 加入其它材料搓成光滑面团。水份不够可自行加水至成软团即好.发酵30-40分钟至双倍大。

3. 待面团醒发后用刀将其分割成每份约70g的小面团,滚圆,用湿布盖住,静置5分钟.把面团的借口朝下, 擀成椭圆形,表面刷上沙拉油,对折成半圆形 . 排在油纸上。

4. 将包子直接放入蒸盘内,盖着发酵30分钟。

5. 蒸锅中水开后放入荷叶包,大火15分钟左右即可取出.

6. 将荷叶包切半, 放入卤肉和生菜即可。


Taiwanese Braised Pork Buns  ( Gua Bao )

Ingredients :
For buns
300g pau flour / Hong Kong flour
1 1/2 tsp instant yeast
180g of warm water (about)
30g caster sugar
1/2tsp double baking powder
1 tablespoon shortening

For braised pork belly , please refer here .
Method :
1. Add yeast, sugar and warm water into a mixing bowl and stir thoroughly .

2. Add in others ingredients and knead till become a smooth dough.  Cover bowl with cling film and prove for 30-40 minutes until doubled the size .

3. Divide dough into 70g each .Roll dough into round shape . Rest for 5 minutes . Very gently roll round dough cut-outs vertically to lengthen it into ovals . Fold ovals into half and place on greaseproof paper .

4. Prove the dough again for 30 minutes .

5. Pour tap water into steamer/wok and steam for 15 mintues

6. Serve by sandwiching the braised pork belly slabs between steamed chinese white buns and chinese lettuce.