Friday, 26 September 2014

香兰焦糖排骨 ~ Pandan Caramel Spare Ribs


食谱取自 Home Menu


600g 排骨支 斩块
3  香兰叶 切段
1  青葱

1/3茶匙 生抽
1/2茶匙  米酒
1/3茶匙 木薯粉

2汤匙  白糖
1/2茶匙  生抽
1汤匙 米酒
1/2茶匙  蜜糖
300ml  热水

1 锅里放水煮沸,姜,青葱和排骨支倒入灼烫5分钟,捞出沥干水份,将排骨腌料和排骨支腌制半小时。



Recipe source : Home Menu

Pandan Caramel Spare Ribs

Ingredients :
600g spare ribs
3pcs pandan leaves ( sectioned )
2pcs ginger
1 stalk spring onion

Marinade :
1/3tsp light soy sauce
1/2tsp rice wine
1/3tsp tapioca starch

Seasoning :
2tbsp white sugar
1/2tsp light soy sauce
1tbsp rice wine
1/2tsp honey
300ml hot water

Method :
1. Bring water to boil in wok , add in ginger , spring onion and spare ribs , blanch for 5 minutes. Remove and drain well . Marinate with marinade ingredients for 30 minutes .

2. Heat up oil , add in spare ribs, pan fry both sides of spare ribs till lightly golden brown .

3. Add in pandan leaves and all seasoning , bring to cook for 35 minutes  until spare ribs is tender , caramelization and gravy is dried up and coated evenly .


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