Friday, 26 September 2014

自制豆浆 ~ Homemade Soymilk


食谱取自 豆来豆趣

120g 黄豆
1200 ~ 1500ml 

搅拌机  1
棉布 1
量杯 1
打蛋器  1
深锅 1
干净容器  1

1 黄豆洗净,挑出不好的豆子,泡水。泡到膨胀为原来的两倍大。




5.把过滤好的生浆移到火炉上,以中火边加热边搅拌的方式,煮到沸腾后继续煮5分钟 ( 我大概煮了20 ~ 30分钟 ) .


1. 准备较大容量的汤锅因为豆浆的泡沫会在一瞬间集中升起。若是在煮当中泡泡快溢出来,请转小火并盖上锅盖,等泡泡消掉后再打开盖子。

2. 煮的过程要不停的搅拌以免锅底烧焦。

3. 煮豆浆时,看到冒泡泡不是代表已经好了,而是要煮到泡泡愈来愈小,到几乎快没有时,才代表豆浆完成了。

4. 煮到泡泡愈来愈小,愈少,豆浆反覆煮沸,喝起来会更香浓。

Recipe source : The Magic of Soy

Plain Soymilk

Ingredients :
120g soybean
1200 ~ 1500ml water
1 blender
1 scale
1 muslim cloth
1 measuring cup
1 large fine-mesh strainer
1 egg beater
1 soup ladle
1 deep stock pot
1 clean container

Method :
1.  Pick out soybeans and soak in water until soybeans have doubled in size .

2. Drain soybeans and discard soaking water . Rinse soybeans thoroughly and drain well .

3. Put soybeans in a blender and add in 1200ml of water , cover and blend until smooth . ( blend gradually if the blender ‘s capacity is not big enough . )

4. Place strainer in top of the pot and line it with muslim cloth . Pour raw soymilk through the muslim cloth, use an egg beater to stir over and squeeze soymilk out from the muslim cloth by hand ( it’s advisable to squeeze them in batches m the residue is called soy pulp . )

5. Place the pot onto a stove , bring to a boil over medium heat and stirring all the while . Continue boiling for 5 minutes ( I boiled it for 20 ~ 30 minutes ) .

6. Place strainer on top of a clean container , pour in soy milk to remove foam . Alternatively , you can remove foam using a spoon . ( if you are making a sweetened soymilk , add in castor sugar while it’s hot and stir until sugar dissolves . )


Tips :
1. Soymilk should be boiled in a pot with bigger capacity as bubbles will rise quickly from time to time . If the bubbles threaten to spill out from the pot  , turn down the heat and put the lid on .Observe and remove the lid when the bubbles disappear .

2. It should continuously stirred to keep it from getting charred .

3. It does not mean the soymilk is ready when bubbles appear . The soymilk must be boiled until the bubbles get smaller and smaller , till they almost completely disappear .

4. Boiling the soymilk for long periods will result in a thicker and tastier soymilk .

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