Wednesday, 3 September 2014

芝麻球 ( 煎堆 )~ Sesame Balls

食谱取自 :居家点心包

芝麻球 ( 煎堆 )

300g 糯米粉
60g 澄面粉
120g 幼糖
360g 滚水

200g 现成莲蓉馅



2. 把莲蓉馅均分成适当大小,分别搓成圆球状。接着把芝麻面团分切成适当大小后,分别搓成圆球状,再用手在中间按出个凹洞,接着放入1颗莲蓉圆球,在封口包好.

3. 然后沾湿表面后粘上白芝麻。重复此步骤直到用万所有材料。

4.  在锅中烧热油,用150度油温炸至芝麻球膨胀和浮哦至油面,捞起沥干即可。

Recipe source : Handmade Dimsum & Bun

Sesame Balls

Ingredients :
300g glutinous rice flour
60g wheat flour
120g granulated sugar
360g boiling water
30g oil

Filling ingredients :
200g ready-made lotus paste ( I used mooncake lotus paste )

Coating Ingredients :
some toasted white sesame seeds

Method :
1. Combine glutinous rice flour , wheat flour and sugar well together in a big bowl  , pour in boiling water and stir quickly with spoon to form flaky dough , when dough’s temperature drops to touchable level , set on a flat surface and add in oil . Knead to form smooth dough .

2. Divide lotus paste into equally small  portions , roll to form ball shape . Divide dough into several equally small portions , roll all separately to form ball shape . Use hand to press and form a hole in the middle, put in 1 ball of lotus paste, wrap and seal well .

3. Pat the surface with water to moist it slightly and coat evenly with white sesame . Repeat this step until finished using all ingredients  .

4. Heat oil in pot , deep-fry sesame balls over 150c heat until sesame balls swell up and float to the surfaceof oil , dish out and drain away excessive oil . Serve .