Friday, 13 February 2015

干果米花呈 ~ Mixed Fruits Puffed Rice Crackers

食谱取自 新新饮食@ 94


1大匙 麦芽糖
30g 牛油
150g 爆米花
150g 杂干果碎 ( 我用干和杏桃干 )

1 把糖放入大锅里煮溶至微黄,加入麦芽糖和牛油煮至均匀。

2.加入爆米花和杂干果碎炒至均匀和平均的裹上糖浆,盛入8 x 12寸烤盘里压平。


Recipe source : Yum Yum @ No .94

Mixed Fruits Puffed Rice Crackers

Ingredients :
150g sugar
1tbsp maltose
30g butter
150g puffed rice
150g mixed fruits ( I used dried cranberry and apricot )

Method :
1. Bring sugar to boil until liquefied and golden in colour . Add in maltose , butter and stir well .

2. Add in puffed rice , mixed fruits and stir until well mixed and well coated with caramel . Dish into a 8 “ x 12” baking tray , roll out and flatten with a rolling pin .

3. Invert the puffed rice cake onto a clean work surface and cut into rectangles or squares . Leave to cool before storing or serving .


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