Friday, 27 February 2015

泡米饼 ~ Puffed Rice Crackers with Peanuts and Sesame Seeds


食谱取自 Kathrine Kwa


材料A :
250g 泡米/ 米通
150g 炒香花生
50g 炒香芝麻
1 芫荽 取叶

350g 幼糖
50g 麦芽糖
1大匙 食油
1大匙 桔子汁/酸柑汁
150ml  清水

1 将材料A一起捞均匀,备用。

2.把糖浆材料倒入锅中,用中火搅煮至糖溶化。煮成浓稠( 大概25分钟)。盛起半小匙糖浆滴在一碗冷水中,若也可以取出揉成团状,表示糖浆煮至恰好。

3 熄火,将(1)倒入糖浆中,快速拌匀。马上倒在一个已铺上锡纸的14“ x 14” 盘子里。铺平压紧,趁热快速切成方块即可。

Recipe source : Kathrine Kwa

Puffed Rice Crackers with Peanuts and Sesame Seeds

Ingredients A :
250g puffed rice
150g peanuts ( toasted )
50g sesame seeds ( toasted )
1 stalk coriander ( take leaf only )

For the caramel :
350g caster sugar
50g maltose
1tbsp cooking oil
1tbsp calamansi juice / lime juice
150ml water  

Method :
1. Mix all ingredients A together , set aside .
2. For the caramel , pour all ingredients into wok .  Bring to boil over medium heat  , until sugar well dissolved and liquefied ( about 25minuts ) .
Take a drop of the mixture and mix it with cold water . If the mixture is solid , it means that it’s cooked .

3. Turn off heat , add in (1) and stir until well mixed and well coated with caramel . Dish into a 14” x 14” baking tray  ( lined with aluminium foil ) , roll out and flatten with a rolling pin .Cut into rectangles or squares while it’s still hot  . Leave to cool before storing or serving .

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