Friday, 13 February 2015

金玉满堂 ( 栗子花腩扣豆筋) ~ Steamed Bean Gluten with Pork Belly and Chestnuts


食谱取自 :名食谱@89

金玉满堂 ( 栗子花腩扣豆筋

300g 五花肉 连皮,切块
5 豆筋 / 豆包 切半)
60g 栗子 泡软
4 蘑菇 切半)
100g 西兰花( 切小朵
3 生姜
1小匙 蒜茸
1大匙 绍兴酒
500ml 清水

1大匙 蚝油
1大匙 酱油
1大匙 黑酱油
1小匙 砂糖
1/2小匙 胡椒粉

1 锅里烧热2大匙食油,慢火爆香姜片和蒜茸,加入花肉,栗子和调味料炒片刻至花肉转色。



4 预热蒸炉,把豆筋花肉盛入,盖上,大火蒸15 ~20分钟,离火,盛起。

5 汁料倒出,煮滚后用适量粟粉水勾芡,加入绍兴酒拌匀,离火。

6 把蒸好的豆筋花肉扣上大碟,以西兰花装饰,淋上汁料,即可上桌。

Recipe source : Famous Cuisine @ No.89

Steamed Bean Gluten with Pork Belly and Chestnuts

Ingredients :
300g pork belly with skin ( cut into pieces )
5 pieces bean gluten ( halved )
60g dried chestnuts ( soaked )
4 button mushroom ( halved )
100g broccoli ( cut into pieces )
3 ginger slices
1tsp chopped garlic
1tbsp Shaoxing wine
some cornstarch solutions
500ml water

Seasoning :
1tbsp oyster sauce
1tbsp light soy sauce
1tbsp dark soy sauce
1tsp caster sugar
1/2tsp pepper

Method :
1. Heat 2tbsp cooking oil in a pre-heated wok to sauté ginger and garlic over low heat . Add pork belly pieces , chestnuts and seasoning , stir-fry briskly until the colour of pork pieces change.

2. Add water and bring to boil over high heat , cover with lid . Reduce to low heat , let it simmer for 30 minutes , stir in button mushrooms . Flame out .

3. In a deep bowl , arrange bean glutens inside , add the simmered pork belly and chestnuts mixture until full , add in sauce liquid . Wrap with clingwrap .

4. In a pre-heated steamer , put in bean gluten and pork belly , cover with lid  . Steam for 15 ~ 20 minutes over high heat . Dish out .

5. Remove the sauce from bowl and bring to boil over high heat , thicken it with a little cornstarch solutions . Sprinkle with Shaoxing wine .

6. Invert bean gluten with pork belly onto a serving plate , garnish with broccoli . Add sauce , Serve hot .

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