Sunday, 25 October 2015

可乐鸡翅 ~ Cola Chicken Wings

食谱取自  :家常便饭 ,有滋有味


材料 A :
10 鸡翅膀 在内侧划一刀

材料 B :
350ml  可乐汽水
2汤匙 蜜糖
1汤匙 生抽
1/2汤匙 老抽 / 黑酱油
盐适量 (调味)

1. 炒锅中烧热油,放入鸡翅煎至两面略呈金黄色,取出待用。

2. 将材料B煮至酱汁浓稠,放入鸡翅焖煮至两面微焦,即可盛起享用。

Recipe source : Homemade Delights by Andrew Kow

Cola Chicken Wings 

Ingredients A :
10 pieces chicken wings ( make a slit on the underside )

Ingredients B :
350ml cola soft drink
2tbsp honey
1tbsp light soy sauce
1/2tbsp dark soy sauce
some salt ( to taste )

Method :
1. Heat oil in a wok , add in chicken wings and pan-fry until lightly golden brown , remove and set aside .

2. Cook ingredients B until sauce thickens . Add in chicken wings and simmer until both sides are brown , dish up and serve .