Sunday, 11 October 2015

腌酸姜芽 ~ Young Ginger Root Pickles

食谱取自 :名食谱@61


材料 A
250g 姜芽

材料 B
150g  细砂糖
80ml  白米醋
100ml  清水



3.把姜芽放入玻璃瓶内,加入材料(B), 盖过姜芽表面。盖好,存入冰箱腌渍2 ~ 3天,即可。

Recipe source : Famous Cuisine @ No. 61

Young Ginger Root Pickles

Ingrdients A :
250g young ginger root
1tbsp salt

Ingredients B :
150g castor sugar
80ml Chinese rice vinegar
100ml water

Method :
1. Cook ingredients (B) until the sugar is completely dissolves , remove from heat and leave to cool .

2. Rinse the young ginger root ,drain well cut into slices . Mix with salt , marinate for 30 minutes . Next , rinse under running cool water . Drain well .

3. Place young ginger root in a glass bottle , add in ingredients (B) , cover the young ginger root . Cover lid and chill in the fridge for 2 ~ 3 days . Ready to serve .