Thursday, 27 February 2014

港式咖喱鱼丸 ~ Hong Kong Curry Fish Ball

食谱取自 就是爱咖喱


炸过的鱼丸 300g
咖喱叶   1枝 ( 取叶 )
黄姜叶  适量  切丝)
食油 5汤匙

60g (去皮,切丁)
小红葱  120g (去皮)
蒜头 8 (去皮)

浓椰浆  250ml
清水  450ml
生抽  2汤匙
   1 1/2茶匙
咖哩粉  5汤匙
辣椒粉   2汤匙



Recipe source : Irresistible Curry Recipes

Hong Kong Curry Fish Ball

Ingredients A :
fried fish ball ( ready-made ) 300g
curry leaf  1 sprig
some turmeric leaf ( shredded )

Ingredients B :
ginger 60g ( peeled and cubed )
shallot  120g ( skinned )
garlic 8 cloves ( skinned )

Ingredients C :
thick coconut milk 250ml
water  450ml
light soy sauce  2tbsp
salt 1/2tsp
sugar  1 1/2tsp
curry powder 5tbsp
chilli powder 2tbsp

Method :
1. Heat up 5tbsp of oil in a wok , add in ingredients B and stir-fry until fragrant . then add in curry leaf and turmeric leaf .

2. Stir in ingredients C and bring to boil . Reduce to low heat and add in fried fish balls , simmer for 5 minutes . Serve .


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