Thursday, 3 April 2014

法式绿茶芝士千层蛋糕 ~ French-style Green Tea Cheese Mille Crepes





千层蛋糕饼皮 /可丽饼
材料A (可做20~22)  :
鲜奶  225g
鸡蛋 135g  去壳净枰)
普通面粉  65g
糖粉  28g

材料B  :
牛油 /奶油 30g 隔水炖溶)







奶油芝士 250g
炼乳 45g 我用自制的炼乳
鲜奶  75g
绿茶粉  3茶匙

(B) :
植物性鲜奶油  200g

绿茶粉  1汤匙

1.馅料:材料(A)放入大碗,用搅拌机搅打至松软。 ( 1 )
~ 1 / picture 1 ~

2.材料(B)放入另一个大碗搅打至浓稠。( 2 )
                                          ~ 2 / picture 2 ~

3.组合 :将蛋糕板放在蛋糕转盘上,铺上一片(1),抹入一层(3),接着铺上一片(1),抹入一层(2)。每搽一层用手掌轻按一下饼皮中间的部分使馅料分布均匀。重复每层交替搽至完。以保鲜纸包好,放入冰箱冷藏隔夜,切之前表层筛入绿茶粉。 ( 3 )

~ 3/ picture 3 ~


Recipe source : French Style Mille Crepe by Coco Kong

French-style Green Tea Cheese Mille Crepes

To Make Crepes
Ingredients A ( makes 20 ~ 22 pieces ) :
225g fresh milk
135g egg ( net weight without shells )
1/4tsp salt
65g plain flour
28g icing sugar

Ingredients B :
30g butter ( melted by double-boiling )

Untensil and material needed :
24cm non-stick flat frying pan
1 palette knife
1 cake turntable
1 cake board of 9”

Method :
1. Place ingredient (A) into a large mixing bowl , stir well till batter is smooth . Strain through a sieve , rest it for 30minutes . Add in ingredient (M) and mix in well just prior to frying crepe.

2. Heat a non-stick frying pan over medium heat till the pan is really hot with a slight smoke seen . Use a small ladle to scoop up no. (1) and pour a little batter into the pan so that  just a thin layer of batter covers the base . Pour off any excess batter back into no.(1) . Cook crepe till underside has set .

3. When the crepe turns to a pale golden , use a spatula to ease it away from pan . use your hand carefully lift out the crepe . Lay the cooked crepes in a container while you cook the remaining . Repeat process to the end .


Tips :
1. In method no.1 , the batter with ingredient (A) is given a resting time before ingredient (B) is added in so the batter can fry well in the pan . If melted butter is added in too early , ready product of crepe can have a thick finishing .

2. It is easier to fry crepes using a long handle non-stick pan and much easier to ease out ready crepes .

3. Best to fry thin crepes and have more layers instead .

4. Must stir batter well before each scoop or else batter can thickens on standing . If this happens , dilute it with a dizzle of water .

For filling
(A) :
250g cream cheese
45g condensed milk  ( I used home-made condensed milk )
75g fresh milk
3tsp green tea powder

(B) :
200g non-dairy fresh whipping cream

Topping :
1tbsp green tea powder

Method :
1. For filling : Place ingredient (A) into a large mixing bowl , beat till soft and creamy . ( Picture 1 )

2. Place ingredient (B) into another large mixing bowl , beat till thickened .( Picture 2 )
3. To assemble : Lay cake board on the turntable , lay in a piece of no. (1) , spread in a layer of no .(3) . Lay in another piece no.(1) , spread in a layer of no. (2) . Lightly flatten evenly layer with your hand along the centre point , this helps the cream to sit better . Repeat process of alternating to the end . Cling film cake , keep chilled overnight . Dust with green tea powder before serve . ( Picture 3 )