Monday, 14 September 2015

梅菜焖炸肉 ~ Simmer Fried Pork Belly with Preserved Sweet“ Mui Choy ”


材料A :
600g 连皮五花肉
甜梅菜适量 浸淡,切丝
1茶匙 蒜茸

腌料  :
1  南乳
1茶匙 姜汁
1茶匙 葱头汁

调味料  :
2大匙 生抽
2大匙 花雕酒

1. 花肉洗净后切块 , 用腌料腌制1小时。

2. 锅里烧热油 ,把花肉炸至熟. 捞起,备用 .

3. 锅里留2大匙油 , 爆香蒜茸. 放入炸肉,梅菜和调味料. 炒均匀 .

4. 加入水,待滚后,转小火焖45分钟或肉软即可。

Simmer Fried Pork Belly with Preserved Sweet Mui Choy

Ingredients :
600g pork belly with skin
some preserved sweet “ Mui Choy “  ( soaked and shredded  )
1tsp chopped garlic

Marinade :
1 preserved red bean curd
some five spice powder
1tbsp fresh ginger juice
1tbsp fresh shallot juice
plain flour

Seasoning :
1tbsp sugar
2tbsp light soy sauce
2tbsp Shaoxing wine
some water

Method :
1. Cut pork belly in pieces , rinse and drain . Mix with marinade , and marinate for 1 hour  .

2. Deep-fry marinated pork belly in hot oil over high heat until cooked and golden brown .Dish out and drain .

3. Leave 2tbsp hot oil in wok , add chopped garlic and stir-fry until fragrant . Put in fried pork belly , sweet “ mui choy “ and seasoning , stir-fry briskly until well combined and aromatic .

4. Add water , bring to boil over high heat . Covered the lid , reduce to low heat and let it simmer for 45 minutes until pork belly is tender .Remove from heat , serve hot .