Wednesday, 16 September 2015

潮洲芋泥月饼 ~ Teochew Yam Mooncake

食谱来自 : Kathrine Kwa老师

( 份量16粒大的

1kg 芋头
180g 花生油
50g 澄面粉
80 ~ 100g 瓜子仁 ( 烤香 )
16 咸蛋黄

1. 芋头去皮,切片蒸软压成芋泥

2. 咸蛋黄洗净,放入米酒里浸泡5分钟。把蛋黄取出,排入盘内,放入烤箱160度烤8分钟。放凉备用。

3. 将芋泥、糖和油放入锅中,煮至芋泥变浓稠状,筛入澄粉,继续炒至不黏锅为止.

4. 冷却后, 加入瓜子仁然后分成16份,包入咸蛋黄后搓成圆球形,待用。

250g 高筋面粉
1大匙 糖
70g 白油
1汤匙 酸柑汁

250g 普通面粉
170g 白油

1. 把所有水皮的材料混合,加水揉成面团。休面30分钟,然后分成8等份。

2. 把油皮的材料拌成团 。休面30分钟 ,也分成8等份。

3. 用水皮面团包油皮面团,擀平后卷起来,重复两次,休息15分钟。

4. 把面团切成对半(2片),压成薄圆片,包入芋泥馅后封口。

5. 放入热油炸至金黄色.

Recipe source : Kathrine Kwa

Teochew Yam Mooncake
( makes 16 pcs )

Yam filling :
1kg yam
300g sugar
180g peanut oil ( I used shallot oil  ~ deep fried shallots with  oil and discard fried shallots )
50g wheat starch
80 ~ 100g melon seeds ( toasted )
16 salted egg yolks

1. Peeled and cut yam into small pieces / slices .Steam over high heat till cooked. Mash it with a fork while still hot.

2. Rinse salted egg yolks and soak in rice wine for 5 mins . Drain away the wine and bake the yolks in preheated oven at 160c for 8 mins . Cool completely before use .

3. In a wok , add in mashed yam paste , shallot oil and sugar . At medium heat , fry until thick . Sieve in wheat starch and fry till mixture is non-sticky . ( You will notice that the paste will start to pull away from the edges of the pan . )

4. Cool completely before use . Add in melon seeds into cooled yam paste and knead evenly . Divide into 16 portions and wrap in a salted egg yolk . Shape into round .

Pastry Dough

Water dough :
250g  high protein flour
1tbsp sugar
70g shortening
1tbsp lime juice
150ml water

Oil dough :
250g all purpose flour
170g shortening

1. Water dough : Combine all ingredients together to form a soft dough . Cover and rest for 30 mins . Divide it into 8 portions .

2. Oil dough : Mix together all ingredients till soft dough is formed . Cover and rest for 30 mins . Divide it into 8 portions .

3. Flatten water dough and wrap oil dough inside.**  Roll out into long shape and roll up like swiss roll .Rest for 15mins . ( ** Repeat this step twice .)

4. Cut the dough into 2 portions and repeat the rest of the dough until get 16 portions together. Flatten the dough start from the swirl side and roll out into a round shape. Flip over , wrap in yam filling and seal it tightly, seal edge facing downwards.

5. Fried pastry till golden brown and leave cool.