Tuesday, 15 September 2015

控肉 ~ Simmered Pork Belly with Five Spice Powder

食谱取自 女人味
700g 带皮五花肉 切块
10 熟鸡蛋 去壳
3 蒜瓣 剁茸
1大匙 五香粉
2 八角
60g 冰糖碎
2大匙 食油      
600ml  清水
5大匙 酱油
4大匙 台湾金兰油膏或2大匙 黑酱油
1. 锅里烧热食油,中火爆香蒜茸,加入五花肉和五香粉炒片刻至五花肉转色。
2. 加入八角和酱油,改用中火煮2 ~ 3分钟,熄火。
3. 把花肉材料转移锅里,注入清水,大火煮沸。加入熟鸡蛋和油膏(黑酱油)拌匀,以中火煮35分钟。
4. 加入冰糖碎拌匀,盖上,改用小火焖90分钟至花肉松软入味及收汁,即可上桌。
Recipe source : Marvelous Ladies Creations
Simmered Pork Belly and Egg and Five Spice Powder
Ingredients :
700g pork belly with skin (cut into pieces )
10 hard boiled eggs ( shelled )
3 garlic cloves ( chopped )
1tbsp five spice powder
2 star anise
60g crushed rock sugar
2tbsp cooking oil
600ml water
Seasoning  :
5tbsp light soy sauce
4tbsp Taiwanese “ Jin Lan “ sauce / or 2tbsp dark soy sauce
Method :
1. Heat cooking oil in a preheated wok to sauté garlic over medium heat . Add pork belly and five spice powder , stir-fry briskly until the colour of pork is changes .
2. Add star anise and light soy sauce , cook for 2 ~ 3 minutes over medium heat . Remove from heat .
3. Transfer pork belly mixture into a pot , add water and bring to boil over high heat . Add the hard boiled eggs and “ Jin Lan “ sauce ( or dark soy sauce ),  mix well and let it cook for 35 minutes over medium heat .
4. Mix in crushed rock sugar, cover with lid  , simmer over low heat for 90 minutes until pork belly pieces are tender and the gravy is thick . Dish out , serve at once .