Sunday, 11 September 2016

安顺猪肠粉 ~ Teluk Intan Rice Flour Rolls

食谱取自 : Eunice's Diary


肠粉皮材料 ( 16 -18   )
200g  粘米粉
50g  马蹄粉
50g 粟粉
50g 薯粉 ( 生粉 )
50ml 生油
1200ml 清水

8" x 8" 不黏底烤盘 2
连盖大蒸笼 / / 1

1大匙 蒜茸  
200g  沙葛 ( 切细条狀 )
50g 虾米 切细末, 炸香

调味料 :
1/2汤匙 蚝油

配料 :

1. 锅里烧热少许油,爆香蒜茸 。放入沙葛,炸香虾米末和调味料。拌炒至沙葛软后盛起备用。

1. 所有材料放进大碗里 ( 除清水外 ),然后水分 3 次加入与粉逐渐拌勻至滑,成稀粉浆。过筛 3 次,放在一旁静置备用。

2. 用大煲或蒸笼,注入约 3 吋水。把水烧开。

3. 烤盘涂油,搅匀粉浆,用勺盛粉浆至量杯內量 100 ml 的粉浆,倒入烤盘里( 可用手指把粉浆推到四边方角去填满 )。

4. 2~ 3大匙的馅料铺在粉浆上。盖密。大火蒸 6分钟。不能多不能少,蒸过火的粉皮会变糊。打开盖时会看见一些涨起的小水泡,但会隨即平伏下來。

5. 盛起蒸好粉皮的盘,暂置一旁让其放涼。把另一个烤盘重复以上 45 & 6三个步骤蒸第二张粉皮。记住每次用汤勺盛起粉浆前都要再搅勻一次。

6. 塑胶刮刀抹少许油,小心从烤盘旁边把蒸好稍涼的粉皮卷起,慢慢卷成肠粉,取起置在已抹了少许油的平底大碟或容器上。继续至所有粉浆用完。期间要检查,水低了要注入滾水。

7. 卷沙葛肠粉時皮可能会破烂,只要一双手小心要用膠刮底部推铲,另一隻手轻轻扶着转动,用沒破的粉皮包卷蓋着便成。如用较大的膠刮卷粉皮会更为方便。

8. 用小碟子把肠粉盛开上桌,即可配上腌青辣椒享用。

Recipe source : Eunice's Diary

Teluk Intan Rice Flour Rolls

Ingredients for the batter :  ( makes 16 - 18 rolls )
200g rice flour
50g water chestnut flour
50g corn flour
50g potato flour / starch
50ml oil
10g salt
1200ml water

2 non-stick 8" x 8" roasting tins
1 large steamer or a big pan with lid

1tbsp chopped garlic
200g jicama ( shredded )
50g dried shrimp ( chopped and fried till fragrant )

Seasoning :
1/2tbsp oyster sauce
pepper to taste
a little dark soy sauce

To serve :
pickled green chillies

Method ( for fillings ) :
1. Heat wok with some oil , saute chopped garlic . Add in jicama , fried dried shrimp and seasonings . Stir-fry till jicama is soft . Dish up and set aside .

Method ( for rice rolls ) :
1. Put all ingredients in a large bowl ( except the water ) , add the water in 3 batch to mix really well with all the flour and starch until they have all dissolved and became a thin and smooth batter. Strain the batter through a sieve three times before leaving it to one side to rest, while you are getting on with rest of the procedures.

2. Use a big pan or a steamer, fill with about 3 inches of water and bring to the boil.

3. Lightly grease the tin; stir the batter well and ladle into measuring jug to measure 100 ml of batter to pour into the tin ( You can use your fingers to push the batter to fill the corners ) .

4. Scoop 2 ~ 3tbsp filling on top of the unsteam rice roll .Place the tin in the steamer and put the lid on. Steam on a high heat for 6 minutes.  Please pay attention at all times, over steamed rice pastry will become soggy. When opening the lid, the pastry would have some large rising air pockets, but they will settle back down almost immediately.

5. Leave the baking tin with the steamed rice flour pastry to one side, and proceed to put batter into another tin, repeating the above step 4 , 5 & 6 to steam another rice flour roll pastry. Remember to stir the batter well again each time before you ladle it into the measuring jug.

6. Lightly oil the dough cutter, carefully lift the steamed rice flour pastry up from the tin, and slowly roll it up into the shape of a rice flour roll. Carry on until all the batter have finished. Fill the pan up with boiling water again whenever it needs.

7. When rolling up the rice pastry with jicama filling in it, you may find the pastry tears quite easily, just use the dough cutter gently scrape and lift it up and roll it over, helped by the other hand to quickly wrap it up, covered by the rest of the smooth pastry. Use a larger dough cutter would also help lifting the steamed rice pastry.

8. Transfer them to a few small plates and serve with pickled green chillies .