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台湾九份芋圆 ~ Jiufen Taro and Sweet Potatoes Balls



食谱取自 GoodFood Magazine @ July 2014


材料 ( 芋圆 )
400g 芋头(去皮 ,切块
50g 细砂糖
150g  木薯粉

材料 (番薯圆) :
400g  番薯 ( 去皮 ,切块 )
50g 细砂糖
150g  木薯粉

10g 拍扁
500g 黄砂糖

1.甜汤 :将糖浆材料放入锅里,煮至滚。转小火煮至入味。待冷备用。

2.芋圆/番薯圆 :芋头/番薯放入2个大碗里,移到蒸笼或电锅里蒸熟,取出加入细砂糖,用叉子压烂 压烂后加入木薯粉和水搓匀成软硬适中且不粘手的粉团(水要慢慢的加入哦! )。如果粉团太黏手可以再加些薯粉,太干可以加些水,直到面团不粘手即可。

3. 把粉团搓成细圆的长条形,切成2.5cm。撒些太白粉防粘。 1
                   ~ 1 / picture 1 ~

4. 煮滚一锅水,把芋圆/番薯圆放入,煮至芋圆/番薯圆浮在水面,即可捞起。


This is a traditional dessert from a town called Jiufen in Northern Taiwan .
The taro balls can be made by mixing mashed taro with water and sweet potato flour or potato flour, making the taro balls more springy or softer respectively . It can be served with syrup either icy or hot.

Recipe source : GoodFood Magazine @ July 2014

Jiufen Taro and Sweet Potato balls

For the taro balls :
400g taro ( peeled and cut into cubes )
50g sugar
150g tapioca flour
50ml water

For the sweet potato balls :
400g sweet potatoes ( peeled and cut into cubes )
50g sugar
150g tapioca flour
50ml water

Ingredients ( For the syrup ) :
900ml water
10g ginger
500g dark brown sugar

Method :
1. Place the ingredients for the syrup into a stockpot .  Bring to boil , then simmer over low heat until the liquid is reduced by half  . Set aside to cool .

2. Prepare the taro balls ans sweet potato balls separately , but using the same method . Steam the taro / sweet potatoes until tender , then mash and mix with sugar while hot . Add the tapioca flour and water , knead until the mixture comes together add in water by batch . If the mixture is sticky , add a little more tapioca flour and knead again until it’s not sticky  .

3. Roll the mixture into a long roll and cut into 2.5cm lengths . ( Picture 1 )

4. Boil a pot of water and gently lower the taro and sweet potatoes balls into the boiling water . Let them boil until the balls float to the surface . Remove and place into a basin of iced water to cool .

5. Drain the balls and serve with the syrup .


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