Tuesday, 26 August 2014

台南棺材板 ~ Tainan Coffin Bread


食谱取自 Sunflower Food Galore
( 我做了少许更改 )


材料 白酱 ):
1 汤匙 面粉
1 汤匙 奶油
1/2 鲜奶

材料 (馅料
100g 猪肉片( 可用鸡肉)
1/4 洋葱片
1 冷藏蔬菜 青豆 ,玉米粒& 红箩卜粒。解冻后,洗净, 沥干)
1/2 高汤
白酒/米酒 我没放
盐, 胡椒粉和鲜奶适量

1. 白酱 在平底锅里加入奶油和面粉,煮大概1分钟。熄火加入鲜奶,搅拌至无颗粒和浓稠状。备用。

2. 锅里烧热油,加入洋葱片,炒至软。然后加入猪肉片和冷藏蔬菜,翻炒片刻 。加入高汤和白酒/米酒。如果酱汁很浓,可多加鲜奶 。最后加入盐和胡椒粉调味 。待冷备用。



Recipe source :  Sunflower Food Galore( With minor adjustment )

Tainan Coffin Bread

Ingredients ( béchamel sauce ) :  
1 tbsp plain flour
1 tbsp butter
1/2 cup milk

Ingredients ( Filling ) :
100g sliced pork ( may replace it with chicken )
1/4 cup chopped onion
1 cup frozen mixed vege ( peas , corn kernels & carrots . Thawed , rinsed and drained  )
1/3 cup button mushroom
1/2 cup chicken stock
a little cooking oil
dash of white wine or light sherry or Chinese colourless rice wine (optional)  ( I omit it )
pinch of salt
pinch of pepper
a little bit more milk if required
few coriander leaves for garnish

1. Make the bechamel sauce. First cook the flour and butter together for about 1 minute then heat off add milk a little at a time and whisking till no lumps. Heat the sauce till thicken. Set aside.

2. Heat a little oil then fry the onion then add sliced pork and remaining vegetables till soften and heated through. Add in chicken stock , wine and white sauce . If the sauce is too thick add some milk. Season with pinch of salt and pepper. Keep warm  .

3. Brush the bread with melted butter and deep fry one side of the bread toast until it is lightly brown. Flip carefully onto the other side deep fry until lightly brown as well . Drain and set aside to cool down slightly .

4. Then cut out one side for the lid. Scope out enough of the soft bread inside then trim the lid.  Fill with the creamy filling and garnish. Put the lid on top or on the side.

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