Tuesday, 24 December 2013

黑糖云石汤圆 ~ Marble Sticky balls with molasses sweet soup

迟来的祝福 ~~ 冬至快乐!


糯米粉   200g
可可粉 1茶匙
竹炭粉  1/2茶匙

黑糖  120g
香兰叶适量 打结
老姜  1小块


1 糯米粉中倒入适量开水,用筷子搅拌,揉成面团。

2 将面团分成三份,其中两份分别揉进可可粉和竹炭粉。


3 将三种颜色的面团混合叠加,做成一个个小面团。


4 将黑芝麻馅分成等两的小块,搓成小球。

5 用一块小三色面团包入黑芝麻馅,收口。搓成圆形。

6 开水下锅,煮至汤圆浮起。



Marble Sticky balls  with molasses sweet soup

Ingredients :
glutinous rice flour 200g
black sesame paste
cocoa powder  1tsp
bamboo charcoal powder  1/2tsp

Molasses sweet soup

Ingredients :
molasses 120g
screwpine leaves ( knotted )
ginger 1 small piece
water 800ml
some sugar

Method :

1. Mix glutinous rice flour with water  with a chopstick . Knead until a dough form .

2. Divide dough into 4 parts and knead 1 part with bamboo charcoal powder and 1 part with cocoa powder .

3. Roll each part into long logs , with equal length , flatten them and stack . Cut the stack into small pieces .

4. Black sesame paste divide into equal size , roll into round shape .

5. Take a small dough , flatten it and wrap in black sesame paste . Shape into balls with both hands .

6. Bring a pot of water to boil , cook the glutinous rice balls . Let them boil until they float . Remove from the water .

7. For sweet soup : Put all ingredients in a pot and bring to boil . Serve with glutinous rice balls .

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