Wednesday, 25 September 2013

蔓越莓奶油乳酪扁面包 ~ Cranberry Cream Cheese Bun




这个面包的水分蛮多哦!面团很黏手,还好到最后也难不到我。。nyek nyek nyek 。。。

食谱取自 : @Kokken , Nasi Lemak Lover & Min's blog

( 可做出9个圆形扁面包)~ 我做7

奶粉 18g
酵母 4g

全蛋 24g

奶油 48g

材料D :
蔓越莓干  40g

奶油乳酪 160g
细糖 40g

* 把以上材料混合, 稍微搅拌均匀备用。


1. A 材料混合, 加入材料B 搅拌均匀, 搅拌至面团有弹性。

2. 加入材料C 继续搅拌, 至可拉出薄膜。最后加入蔓越莓干。

3. 盖上保鲜膜发酵60分钟。

4. 排气, 分割成每个50克,滚圆,再松弛15分钟。 我分割成每个100克)

5. 把面团杆开, 包入馅料, 滚圆。 

6. 把滚圆后的面团排在烤盘, 在上面再压上另一个烤盘。

7. 最后发酵60分钟。

8. 送入烤箱,以210’C 烘烤12分钟。


Cranberry Cream Cheese Bun

Ingredient A :
Bread flour  300g
Castor sugar  36g
Salt  1/2tsp
Milk powder  18g
Instant yeast  4g

Ingredient B :
Cold water  180g
Egg  24g

Ingredient C :
Butter  48g

Ingredient D :
Dried cranberry  40g

Filling :
Cream Cheese  160g
Castor sugar  40g

* Beat cream cheese and castor sugar till well-mixed. Store in fridge before use.

Method :

1. Mix ingredients (A) together. Using a stand electric mixer, add in ingredient (B) gradually, knead till they form a dough.

2. Add in (C) and continue kneading till the dough does not break when pulled to perform window test.Then add in (D) .

3. Place the dough in a oiled-bowl and let it proof for around 1 hour.

4. Divide the dough to 50g each, roll into a round ball, and let it proof for another 15 minutes.
( mine was 100g each )

5. Flatten each ball and roll out into a circle with a rolling pin, put some fillings and cranberries in the center and wrap to form a ball.

6. Spaced out the dough on the baking tray and press down the dough by putting a baking sheet on top of them. 

7. Proof again for 60 minutes.

8. Bake in preheated oven at 210'C for 12 minutes.