Tuesday, 10 September 2013

天然色素冰皮月饼 ~ Natural colour snowskin mooncake




FB 看到有网友用了这个概念做五颜六色的冰皮月饼。。嘻嘻,我又跟风咯。。。
这次的皮是用天然色素 - 班兰汁和甜菜根汁。馅料是红豆沙 + 自制的奶黄馅 。虽然有点甜,但是很好吃!

I saw this concept of making colourful snowskin mooncake at FB few days ago , sharing by a FB friends . Haha … me ... follow again …
This batch I'm using natural colour  - pandan juice ( screwpine leaf ) and beet root juice . They look nice and pretty right ? And for the filling ,it's store bought red bean paste and home-made custard filling . Although a bit sweet , but both taste good & nice .



Take some snowskin dough , and press into the flower mould . Follow by dough with filling .

 ** 皮 = 40g    馅料= 85g

Snowskin mooncake recipe please refer here:
** Skin = 40g    Filling = 85g